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  • Exit Planning Assessment and Certified Exit Planning Advisor Analysis- 25% Discount For Chamber Members until Labor Day
    Exit Planning For Privately Held Business Owners

    Are you thinking about exiting your business in the next 1-5 years? Studies show that millions of Baby Boomer business owners are about to do the same thing. In a recent study, the results showed that 80% of business owners “profoundly regretted” their decision a year after their exit. In an effort to give Chamber members the greatest chance for a successful exit for what will probably be the biggest financial transaction of their lives, we are offering the following discount to Chamber members:
    1. Exit Map Assessment - A free online assessment, which will yield a 12 Page Report that the business owner can keep. This report provides a snapshot of how prepared the business owner is to exit, and how attractive the business is to a potential buyer.  Note: If you take the online assessment (click on the link below), please put “Jim Wisdom” as the Exit Planning Advisor where indicated.
    1. Exit Map Analysis and Action Plan - If the business owner is interested in discussing the results of his or her assessment in more detail, a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) will meet with the business owner for a 1-2 hour consultation and provide a 40 Page Analysis and Action Plan. During this consultation, the CEPA will offer observations and recommendations regarding how to help the business owner realize a successful exit. Included in this analysis will be recommendations of how to grow the business in those areas that are most attractive to a potential buyer.  The cost will be discounted by 25%, from $175/hour to $131.25/ hour.
    This discount promotion (offered exclusively to Greater Conejo Valley Chamber members) will run from now until Friday, Aug. 30th.

    Should you have any questions about this offer contact Jim Wisdom, CFP, CEPA at (805) 497-9264 (Office) or (818) 469-6640 (Cell). Jim's e-mail is jim@wisdomhealthplans.com.
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    Offer Valid: June 6, 2019August 30, 2019
    Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce