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  • Eco Wellness Power Hour
    Focus on your well being, reduce toxic load and strengthen your immune system during this pandemic.
    Eco Wellness Power Hour For a limited time, I'm offering Chamber members, including your employees, 50% off an Eco Wellness Power Hour. During this private online intensive session, you will receive personal support and guidance in reaching your health goals.

    I will give you customized help to reduce your body’s toxic burden, bolster your immune system, and improve well-being. We'll get laser focused on any aspect of green living and wellness that you choose: beauty, personal care, home, lifestyle, stress & anxiety management, self-care, sleep, nutrition, weight loss or a combination. 
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    • Personal and customized help to reduce your body’s toxic burden and start/continue transitioning to the right eco beauty & personal care products for your skin type, preferences and budget
    • We’ll delve deep into your personal beauty care. I will provide you with the very best plan to effectively detox your beauty and personal care routine to support long-term health, without stress or overwhelm
    • I will help you create a plan based on your needs and the type of skincare, beauty and/or home products that you want and need to make your green journey easier and more glamorous
    • Start/continue creating a healthy, non toxic environment inside your home
    • Ask Kelly all your questions about eco beauty, eco friendly living, the products you currently use, which products you should use, nutrition and more
    • We’ll uncover hidden challenges that could be contributing to toxic load and/or sabotaging your weight-loss effort
    • Learn how to balance nutrition and stabilize blood sugar levels so you can release unwanted weight and stop yo yo dieting and get weight off for good
    • If you’re having symptoms you suspect are caused by toxins in your environment or products, I’ll help you figure it out
    • You’ll discover tips to prevent/mitigate Type II Diabetes, lower blood pressure and cholesterol and potentially get off certain medications

    This will save you an abundance of time, You will avoid the hassle of being green-washed. You’ll learn the real reason people gain weight and have trouble losing it despite exercising and ‘eating healthy’ and how to balance nutrition to get your body burning fat. 

    If you simply want to transition to clean products but find it overwhelming to figure out which products are best for you, a session or 2 is perfect for you. You’ll know the exact steps to effectively detox your beauty and personal care routine to support long-term health, without stress or overwhelm.

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    phone: (818) 235-2205
    Offer Valid: May 5, 2020June 5, 2020
    Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce