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  • 4 person Small Group Booking
    Less talk, more smash
    Discover Destruction Therapy

    Smash RX is Pleased to offer it’s:
    “Three’s Company” Small Group 30-Min Group Booking.

     The fourth person is free, for a 25% total saving.
    Not your average visit to a shrink, so ditch the couch, grab a sledgehammer and smash your way to happiness.
    “Three’s Company”
    4 Person 30-min Session Includes:
    2 large wooden items
    1 medium size electronic item
    30 glass breakables
    Regular Price $180
    Smash Price $135

    This is a limited time offer so click here to purchase this deal before they are all sold out: https://smashrxllc.com/special-offers/
    Smash RX was born out of the revolutionary idea of creating a healthy outlet where people could go to express themselves with no judgment and very few regulations. Built as the perfect environment for people to channel their energy and take out their frustration without the worry of consequences.

    Promotional value can't be combined with other offers. Unauthorized reproduction, resale, modification, or trade prohibited. Smash Rx is the issuer of this voucher, provides all goods and services for which it may be redeemed. Purchase, use, or acceptance of this voucher constitutes acceptance of these terms. A fifth person can be added to the four-person option for an additional $45.
    Contact Information
    phone: (818) 807-6274
    Offer Valid: January 15, 2020March 31, 2020
    Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce