• Interns Needed

  • Smash RX, LLC
    Job Description
    Smash RX is Looking for Interns!

    We are looking for a dynamic, energetic intern who is eager to learn about our company by
    assisting in our daily operations.

    Smash RX is a therapeutic clinic ran by a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. It is also the
    first and only rage room in Southern California to incorporate a therapeutic aspect. One service is
    not required with the other; meaning some clients would rather engage in traditional talk therapy,
    while others would just like to smash some glass.

    Because we have such a dynamic work environment, we are looking for either Business,
    Communications, or Psychology Student Interns. Depending on your interest you will be
    working closely with our team on a plethora of projects. We are looking to create relationships
    with local businesses, expand our presence on social media and offer the best comprehensive
    care to our customers.

    To be successful as an Intern, you should be willing to help with any tasks assigned by a
    supervisor. You will be involved in upcoming projects as well as assisting with current

    Business Intern Responsibilities:
     Brainstorm ideas on how to bolster relationships with local businesses
     Create marketing strategies
     Manage calendar
     Process payments
     Fulfill tasks set out by supervisors from several departments.
     Attend weekly networking meetings
    Communication Intern Responsibilities:
     Perform research at a supervisor's request.
     Update social media platforms and write copy for posts.
     Create images for social media posts.
     Manage Calendar
     Attend weekly networking meetings
    Psychology Intern Responsibilities:
     Attend meetings and take minutes.
     Perform research at a supervisor's request.
     Able to work and attend to people who may exhibit a wide range of emotions
     Manage Calendar
     Client interaction and set up

    31225 La Baya Drive Suite #115 | Westlake Village, California 91362 | 818.807.6274 |
    www.smashrxllc.com | smashrxllc@gmail.com |

    Intern Requirements:
     A junior or senior in good academic standing in an undergraduate program
     Eager to learn and work with various people
     Able to carry up to 40lbs
     Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
     Proficiency in Microsoft Office.
     Ability to multitask.
     Cope well under pressure
     Must have own transportation
     Good time management skills
     Must be able to commit to 12 hours per week and be flexible.
    A large part of our business is offering smash services. Interns may be asked to assist in set up
    and clean up. Being physically capable is required for this job.
    How to Apply
     Send a resume and cover letter to smashrxllc@gmail.com
     In your cover letter please outline your major, why you think you would be a good fit for
    Smash RX, and express what you would like to get out of your intern experience.
    We are willing to sign or advocate for class credit.