• Local Agency Salutes Client for COVID-19 Breakthrough

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    March 19, 2020

    FDA Approval Clears Way for Production of 5 Million Kits

    (Westlake Village, CA March 18, 2020) Thermo Fisher Scientific, based in
    Waltham, Massachusetts and the largest maker of scientific tools, announced last
    Friday that their new diagnostic test kits can be used immediately to detect the
    virus causing COVID-19, a dramatic and an invaluable advancement in stemming
    the spread of the coronavirus.

    “Agnew Multilingual is glad to have Thermo Fisher as our partner and
    congratulate them for their quick action in view of Covid-19,” said Irene Agnew,
    company president. A sentiment shared by President Trump, who in a national
    address stated, “I’d also like to thank Thermo Fisher. The FDA’s goal is to
    hopefully authorize their application within 24 hours — it’ll go very quickly; it’s
    going very quickly — which will bring, additionally, 1.4 million tests on board next
    week and 5 million within a month.” Added an administration official, “this will
    dramatically increase our ability to test people for the virus.”

    Now that the Food and Drug Administration has in fact granted this emergency
    clearance, Thermo Fisher plans to more than double production, scaling from the
    current 2 million tests per week to 5 million tests per week, reaching this level of
    production by the week of April 3, according to Ron O’Brien, a company
    spokesman. “Effectively, the entire organization of 75,000 employees is involved
    in our response,” O’Brien said.

    For over 30 years, Agnew Multilingual has been a leading provider of foreign language
    translation, interpretation and multicultural communication services.
    Founded in 1986 by Irene Agnew, the company provides culturally sensitive and
    highly effective language solutions to Fortune 500 companies and small business
    alike, including those expanding into the emerging markets of the Middle East,
    Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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