• Prvideo.tv Offering Home/Business Video Inventory

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    September 30, 2019
    Prvideo.tv Offers Home/Business Video Inventory
    Video Inventory Can Validate Owner’s Insurance Claim and Expedite Payment
    September 30, 2019 – Malibu, CA – How many times have you forgotten where you put your keys? Imagine, for a moment, trying to remember what was in every drawer, closet, desk or items in a garage after a disaster.  Recent storms, fires, floods and earthquakes, in both Northern and Southern California, are a reminder that no matter how prepared you are, things change in an instant. You might be left with only the clothes you are wearing. Think. Did you have three sterling silver serving forks or two? How many coats were in the closet and what did they look like?
             “After a disaster, the trauma disrupts your normal routine and memory,” says Marshall Thompson, founder of Prvideo.tv. “My company creates a video inventory for residents and businesses, which provides a permanent digital memory of all your possessions, from the building itself to clothing and jewelry to furniture and autos. Having full documentation of your things adds a layer of order and comfort to a chaotic experience.” He added that being able to quickly provide an insurer with a visual list of possessions may help them process a claim quickly so the process of rebuilding a life can occur more quickly. See sample video here.
             The video inventory process is simple. Thompson documents the exterior of the residence or business. He walks with the owner through the dwelling videotaping as the owner – wearing a wireless microphone - opens drawers, doors and cabinets and describes what the contents are, and when possible, the owner gives a value. Art work, furnishings, shoes, clothing and handbags, china, jewelry, DVDs, anything that has value is documented on video. This video can also provide the insurance company with a detailed property record for playing claims.

    “I make sure that the person giving the tour shows the camera his or her possessions, but I do not assign value or give descriptions. That is up to the owner,” Thompson says. “When the video is complete, I give the homeowner a flash drive, and they can duplicate it, put it in a safety deposit box or store it online. For their privacy and security I do not keep any copies of the data.”
    "In 2017, Southern California wildfires, floods and earthquakes destroyed or damaged more than 10,000 structures, a higher tally than the last nine years combined,” said Robert Feldman, Allstate agency owner, Verdugo City, CA. “The giant flow of claims put enormous stress on insurance companies. The better documented your property is, the more rapidly your claim can be processed. A video inventory may validate a property owner’s claim and expedite a check,” he added.
     About Prvideo.tv
    Prvideo.tv was established in 2005 by producer/director Marshall Thompson to serve the visual media needs of business, education and nonprofits. As a Red Cross volunteer, Los Angeles County Sheriff Department Arson Watch volunteer and Malibu CERT first responder, Mr. Thompson is deeply involved in emergency preparation and response.
    Visit Prvideo.tv at http://www.prvideo.tv/ and https://www.linkedin.com/in/marshallthompsonvideo/ 
    Media contact:  Susan Tellem, APR, RN, BSN; 310-313-3444 x1; susan@tellemgrodypr.com
    Marshall Thompson, Videographer-Photographer
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