• Buy Conejo, Buy Local

    • Why buy local?

      When you shop in the Conejo Valley instead of buying from out-of-town businesses, you help to sustain the local community.
    • More tax dollars stay in the community.

      Local cities receive 1% of taxable sales. Those local sales tax dollars fund the largest portion of the city budget. Every dollar spent in Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park, Westlake Village and Agoura Hills helps fund police, fire protection, public library, street maintenance and improvements, youth and senior services, facilities and general operations.
    • Buying local creates jobs.

      Small local businesses employ the most people, both nationally and in our own community.  When we give them the business rather than to out-of-town businesses, they build the resources, budget and need for more employees.
    • Buying local is green.

      Results in less transportation, fewer miles driven and less pollution.
    • Buying local saves.

      Staying local saves time, travel expenses and gasoline costs—it all adds up!
    • Buying local helps support the community.

      Nonprofit organizations receive an average of 250% more support from small business owners than from larger businesses.
    • More about buying local.

      Shop for big ticket items locally, such as vehicles, appliances, boats, RVs, etc. The amount of tax on these items significantly impacts city reserves and could save a community program, plant a park or fill a pothole. Visit your community farmer’s market for fresh, locally grown produce. Not only is it better for your family, but it supports local growers.
    • Thousand Oaks Local Preference Program

      The City of Thousand Oaks has a local preference program of 5% up to $5000 of the total bid price for the procurment of supplies, materials or equipment.  The business must be located within the city limits and must provide a current copy of its business tax certificate.  This does not apply to professional services or construction.  See more in the program description.

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