• Conejo Valley Small Business Mastermind Group Forming

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    January 22, 2019

    Business, as in life, revolves around the relationships we cultivate.  This is the thrust behind the power of a Mastermind group. This group of colleagues, friends, and confidantes force us to stretch beyond our comfort zone, force us to work harder, think larger, support us when we feel like quitting, hold us accountable in a way that inspires us to achieve our goals.

    For many, personal development is achieved through group interaction. By joining and participating in a Mastermind Group environment, members are able to openly and confidentially discuss issues they face within their work environment and explore alternatives to enhancing performance and achieving goals.

    The Mastermind Group is designed for creating accountability between and among group members thereby transferring group exploration into practical and implementable action steps. Peer group participation in many cases leads to individual coaching allowing for further reinforcement of successful management and leadership.

    The Benefits Of Being In A Mastermind Group

    • Establishes the framework to surround yourself with professionals that hold you accountable to
      success personally, as a team member and as an organizational leader.
    • Your Mastermind Group will have professionals with similar experience levels, ambition, and
      a desire for achievement with no competitors.
    • The Mastermind Group will adhere to best practices including organized meeting times and
      agenda, open communication, group collaboration built on trust and honesty as well as having fun.
    • Each Mastermind session engages in new learning. New content will be introduced during each
      session. By interacting and sharing your challenges on the topic, it’s almost certain that someone
      in your group will have a solution for you and you may also be able to offer a solution, connection
      or tactic to help someone else.
    • Groups think bigger together. Being in a Mastermind group will truly give you a Masterful
      Mind! You will think bigger and stretch beyond your boundaries when surrounded by amazing people
      doing amazing things.

    Your Facilitator and Coach

    Robert Grossman is an entrepreneur and creative solutions generator that comes from his unique background as an educator, sales professional, marketer, executive coach, trainer, and executive producer. He has worked across a broad array of companies providing hands-on, value-added solutions and is Founder & Managing Partner of Black Diamond Leadership.

    In 2005, with the guidance of his executive coach, Robert began his journey to become a Master Executive Coach and Mastermind Facilitator by formalizing his training.  He became a strategic partner with 360 Solutions and completed more than four years training as an Executive Coach, Peer Group Facilitator, High-Performance Leadership Consultant, and Speaker.

    In 2006 Vistage International, the leading CEO membership organization recruited Robert to be a Group Chair and Executive Coach for highly successful CEOs.  Robert joined a class of over 30 Chair candidates and by the end of the program, Robert was one of eight participants who graduated.  Out of the eight, Robert was the first Chair to build his group and launch.

    For more information, please go to http://www.blackdiamondleadership.com/small-business-marketing-mastermind/

    Robert Grossman, President
    (818) 231-5238