• Free LightGabler Webinar: You're Not the Boss of Me! A Supervisor's Roadmap for Effective Employee Management

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    March 03, 2023
    Employment law firm LightGabler is presenting a free employment law webinar, “You're Not the Boss of Me! A Supervisor's Roadmap for Effective Employee Management.” The webinar is Thursday, March 30 from 10:30 a.m. to noon.

    Workplace productivity and morale depend in large part on the quality and skill of supervisors. A common mistake is to promote the "best" or "most senior" employee to a supervisory position, with little regard for leadership skills. Once in the position, most supervisors are not trained in effective management techniques to motivate and evaluate employees.

    In this webinar for employers, supervisors and human resource professionals, LightGabler employment law attorney Ryan M. Haws will discuss the effective and lawful supervision of California employees, including supervisors’ most common mistakes, training supervisors, motivating employees, performance evaluations and counseling and disciplining employees.
    Reservations are required. Attendance is limited to no more than two logins per company. Login instructions will be provided upon registration and again via email the day prior to the webinar. To register, go to https://www.lightgablerlaw.com/seminars.

    For more information about LightGabler, visit www.LightGablerlaw.com or call 805-248-7208.

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