• Heed Consulting Group Solves the Challenge of Distance/Hybrid Teaching with Installation of Cutting Edge, Fully Integrated Classroom Studios

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    September 03, 2020
    California-based tech company Heed Consulting Group is working with St Mel's School to address the challenge of distance teaching by installing customized classroom studios.?

    The novel Coronavirus has resulted in school interruptions and closures all across the world. Globally, over 1.2 billion children are out of the classroom. As a result, education has changed dramatically, with the distinctive rise of e-learning, whereby teaching is undertaken remotely and on digital platforms. Research suggests that online learning increases retention of information while decreasing time demands, meaning the changes Coronavirus have caused might be here to stay.

    Heed Consulting Group has undertaken this project for St Mels School as this resonates with the company's mission of building on their technologies, competencies, and client interests, while creating value for their stakeholders and partners.

    The Heed Classroom Studios will provide both the instructor and the students with familiar settings for the learning experience by allowing the instructor to work in and be seen in their natural habitatthe classroom. This establishes a comfortable environment, ensuring a better educational experience for everyone involved. The studio includes large screens for the teachers to see the students when speaking, as if they are speaking to a room of students. Other components include a Studio PC, wide angle HD webcam, wireless keyboard and mouse, with a raised desk. The studio and monitor will be installed onto a mobile cart with its own power strip and UPS.

    Speaking about this project, the company CEO Michael Bowers said, "We have several different setups that include larger screens, touch screen monitors, and hands-free studios. They all come with setup, installation, and training. Every studio includes our comprehensive Cyber Security Protection Suite and unlimited support. This is a Turn Key solution for schools looking to empower their educators to provide an engaging teaching environment."

    Heed Consulting Group has a vision of providing a portfolio of advanced services that enables organizations to reduce risk by aligning security programs with business objectives. The company is replete with a team of talented, experienced, and motivated industry specialists who are recognized as the best in their respective fields.

    Axel Ortega, Solutions Specialist
    aortega@heedconsultinggroup.com, (818) 356-7187