• Imagine Your Evolution

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    January 08, 2020
    Design The Future You Deserve And Desire

    Overcome what is holding you back and start the life you desire at Imagine Your Evolution. This 2-day event with Arno Koch will help you unlock and unleash the power of your unconscious mind to take control of your life. Unlike typical personal development seminars, Imagine Your Evolution is an immersive edutainment experience that will elevate your success strategies long term.

    No matter how you define fulfillment for you - love, health, wealth, joy - Imagine Your Evolution will give you what it takes to achieve it. Don’t settle for mediocrity when you can have magnificence! Commit to a weekend of personal growth and breakthrough to a new level of fulfillment.

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    2-Day Event
    Feb. 29 - Mar. 1, 2020
    Sheraton Agoura Hills
    30100 Agoura Rd. Agoura Hills, CA 
    • Access Your Subconscious Mind
    • Become a "People Whisperer"
    • Unlock The Power of Meditation
    • Discover The Secret to Changing Your Habits
    • Break Through To a New Future
    For more information visit www.imagine-evolution.com

    Arno Koch is a Peak Performance Coach, Speaker and Master Practitioner of NLP, Mental and Emotional Release® and Hypnotherapy. Arno left the business world after spending 13 years in engineering, sales, product management and business development in Germany, Switzerland, and California. He entered the field of personal development from an unusual angle, as a rather skeptical engineer. Pursuing a very structured approach, he breaks down complex coherences into easily digestible chunks, ensuring maximum retention and very entertaining experience.

    Arno Koch
    (805) 405-9880