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    November 16, 2023

    Fostering Community Connections: LettuceSocial & CLU School of Management Ambassador Program

                                                                           Cal Lutheran University School of Management and LettuceSocial Partnership

    I am excited to announce our recent partnership between LettuceSocial and California Lutheran University's (CLU) School of Management Brand Ambassador Program. The essence of this collaboration is to foster connections between small businesses, local creators, and the community, setting a stage for mutual growth and boosting the economic prosperity of the greater Thousand Oaks area.
    Universities are intertwined with the community they reside in. Students and faculty, with their unique platforms, can significantly uplift local businesses, extending beyond mere patronage to being active promoters.

    Small businesses are a key part of the community, each bringing something special to the table. But often, they go unnoticed. A common issue is that many locals don't know about the small businesses right in their neighborhoods. This initiative wants to change that by drawing attention to these local businesses. While they might not have the big marketing budgets of large chains, they deserve to be supported by the community just as much.

    At LettuceSocial, our mission is to enable communities to grow from within. By knitting a supportive network among community members, small businesses, and local creators, we lay a foundation for collective growth.

    Our partnership aims to spotlight these local small businesses and, in doing so, provide a pragmatic learning platform for students. The School of Management Brand Ambassadors students go through an interview process to be selected to represent the school. They have a variety of majors, interests, and unique skills to create and strategize content on their Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts channels.

    The framework allows:
    • Students explore and support local businesses, spreading the word.
    • Small businesses engage with the university students and faculty and become vendors for university events through sponsorships.

    Participating students will gain real-world learning experience. Collaborating with the LettuceSocial team, students delve into practical aspects of Content Creation, Graphic Design, Copywriting, Videography, Public Speaking, Presentation Creation, Organization, and Strategy. These aren't mere resume fillers but invaluable skills honed in a real-world setting.

    The broader Thousand Oaks community stands to gain from this partnership. By making local businesses more known to CLU students and the larger community, we're fostering a culture of local support.

    I want to thank Tracy Nickl and Rosie Baker for their instrumental role in making this partnership possible and their active engagement in moving our efforts forward.Through this initiative, we're not only promoting local commerce but also equipping the next generation of professionals with real-world skills for future careers.We invite everyone to join us on this journey. Follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn, where we'll share engaging stories of local businesses and the people behind them.Onward,


    Max Zadeh

    Co-founder and CEO, LettuceSocial


    Max Zadeh, Co-founder & CEO, LettuceSocial
    max@lettucesocial.com, 805-768-4262