• Mandated Harassment Prevention Training Available Online As January 1 Compliance Deadline Nears

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    October 05, 2020
    Businesses have until January 1, 2021 to comply with a California law requiring that companies with five or more employees provide two hours of supervisory training and one hour of staff training every two years on harassment, discrimination, bullying and retaliation.
    With the deadline approaching and many employees still working remotely, in-person training is not often feasible. Another option is available from employment law firm LightGabler. The firm offers online video courses that meet California harassment and bullying training requirements.
    "Video training is the most efficient way to comply with SB 1343," says Jonathan Fraser Light, employment attorney at LightGabler and training instructor. "It offers the same information as in-person training but in a way that employees can learn safely."
    Once employees view the training video, they must take and pass a quiz to test their understanding of the material. If completed successfully, they are issued a certificate of completion that will go into the employees' personnel files. Employees can email LightGabler for any content clarification.
    Businesses have unlimited use of the videos for current employees and future hires. Companies have the ability to track which employees view the video. The one-time cost of both supervisor and staff training videos is $750 for employers with less than 500 employees and $1,200 for employers with more than 500 employees.
    For more information and to order, go to https://www.lightgablerlaw.com/training/.

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