• News Release: 6/24/2022

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    June 24, 2022
    Vicky’s Scholarship Fund Celebrates 10 Years Supporting Many Mansions’ Residents in their Vocational and Higher Education Journeys
    Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin awarded a certificate of recognition to Many Mansions. These past ten years the fund has awarded $208,350 to residents to pursue their education.
     (Thousand Oaks, CA) Last weekend, affordable housing developer Many Mansions celebrated the 10th anniversary of its Vicky’s Scholarship Fund program. The fund was established by longtime Many Mansions Board Member Marty Garcia, in memory of his mother, Vicky Garcia, who believed that everyone deserves an opportunity to study, improve their lives, and fulfill their dreams. Over these past ten years, 109 Many Mansions’ residents were awarded 195 scholarships totaling $208,350 to pursue higher and vocational education.

    This year, 19 Many Mansions residents received scholarships totaling $32,500. Among them were Edwin Vargas, a second-year recipient studying at Cal State University, Chico, majoring in Finance, Yessica Zavala, A UC Santa Barbara student pursuing a career as a speech pathologist, Rachel Mex, working on her AA in nursing in Moorpark College, and Jennifer Duarte, a USC Industrial Psychology master’s degree candidate.

    In attendance was Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin who awarded Many Mansions with a certificate of recognition for its work serving the homeless, veterans, seniors, and families of very low-income. Assemblymember Irwin congratulated the scholarship recipients and commented that in her work on the State’s Committee for Higher Education, as well as her prior service on Thousand Oaks’ Planning Commission and on the City Council she has “seen first-hand the extraordinary work that Many Mansions does, building housing for low-income folk.” Assemblymember Irwin noted that Many Mansions provides educational opportunities for its resident youth throughout their schooling, with homework club and summer camps for children and teens and with continuing higher education, “the educational opportunities [Many Mansions] provide[s] to residents are truly extraordinary.”

    Many Mansions’ President Rick Schroeder received the certificate and thanked Assemblymember Irwin. He continued to congratulate this year’s scholarship recipients and the scholarship alumni, many of whom were in attendance, or sent recorded greetings.

    Speaking next, Vicky’s Fund’s founder Marty Garcia thanked Vicky’s Fund and Many Mansions’ supporters, volunteers, and Board members. Commenting On “the pleasure of meeting 109 terrific individuals who will forever be part of our family,” Mr. Garcia noted that “we act as proud parents with each of their accomplishments.” Closing his remarks, Mr. Garcia vouched that “we will continue this support and encouragement in the future.”
    Dalit Shlapobersky, Vice President, Resource Development