• Smash RX Celebrates 2 Years of Business

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    September 14, 2021
    Smash Rx, “Smash Bash” 2nd Edition,

    Come Smash A Car For $20 For 5-Mins

    Smash RX is celebrating two years of destruction therapy business October 2nd, 2021 from 11am-5pm. Despite the economic downturn and turmoil that has persisted these past two years, Smash RX has remained a beacon for valley residents. Here, families, businesses, and individuals can have fun, release tension, and participate in what founder Yashica Budde calls destructor therapy.

    “Smash RX was born out of the revolutionary idea to create a healthy outlet where people could go to express themselves with no judgement and very few regulations. We have helped so many people cope with the stress of the pandemic and we want to celebrate that.”

    Smash RX is taking celebration to the next level. On Saturday, October 2nd, 2021 participants will be able to spray paint and smash a car for only $20. That price will get you a sledgehammer and five minutes to give a car all you got.

    Smash RX has invited other members of the community to join in on the fun. Vendors such as Dr. Rajinder Rai of SunRaise RX Health Wellness, Victoria Reaves of The Future Elite Academy, Yashica Budde, LMFT, CMHIMP of Smash RX. Dr. Rajinder is a wellness coach that specializes in healthy eating, Victoria Reaves of The Future Elite Academy is on a mission to make change for student athletes toward perfecting their mental and physical craft and Yashica Budde of Smash RX will have CBD Gummies, Teas, Bath Bombs, and Essential Oils that will bring holistic wellness , with smashing at the center!

    In order to take part in the festivities, participants will need to sign a waiver, wear closed toe shoes, and wear a mask. All activities will take place outdoors and we ask the community to be respectful of our covid safety regulations. We intended to have a grand time, complete with games, prizes, raffles and more!

    In addition to our Destruction Therapy services, Smash RX duals as an Individual, Family and Group Therapy practice. If you suffer with states of depression, or feelings of fear, anxiety, or loneliness, or you feel generally dissatisfied with aspects of your life Smash RX can help. Our clinic work together can provide hope and a path towards inner peace, insight and healing.

     About Smash RX: Smash Rx is the first “Rage Room” in Southern California to incorporate a therapeutic aspect. Their mission is to create a safe and healthy outlet to release every day normal stresses while breaking down the stigmas surrounding mental health
    Visit Smash RX LLC"Less Talk, More Smash" for more details 
    Yashica Budde, LMFT
    info@smashrxllc.com, 818-807-6274