• So Far So Good. No New Water Restrictions For Triunfo Water & Sanitation District Water Customers

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    July 12, 2021
    The Triunfo Water & Sanitation District, which provides drinking water to communities in the southeastern portion of Ventura County, currently has enough potable (drinking) water to avoid imposing new water restrictions on its 14,000 water customers for the foreseeable future, according to Raymond Tjulander, chair of the district’s board of directors.

    There are a number of reasons why the district water supply is currently in good shape. “Our potable water customers are using much less water. If you look at usage in 2010 versus 2020, potable water demand is down 17 percent,” says Tjulander. “Ever since we began experiencing increasing drought conditions, businesses and homeowners  throughout the district have taken water conservation seriously. Their efforts have paid off.”

    Triunfo has also implemented other water conservation policies and practices. “Triunfo is a pioneer in water conservation. We recycle 48 percent of the wastewater we receive and then distribute it to our water and sanitation customers to irrigate public and private landscapes and greenbelts. By using recycled water for irrigation, more potable water can be saved and stored.”

    Another major factor for the stable water supply is Metropolitan Water District’s (MWD) forward-thinking efforts to ensure that there would be plenty of water for its six-county coverage area in case of water supply shortages. “Triunfo purchases its water from MWD,” says Tjulander. “About 20 years ago, MWD built Diamond Valley Lake reservoir, the largest in southern California. It holds enough water to supply the 19 million customers in the MWD service area for six months even if other sources of water are cut off.”

    Although water supplies are currently adequate to avoid further use restrictions, Tjulander urges customers to continue to follow conservation rules. Usage guidelines and rebate opportunities can be found on the Triunfo website, https://www.triunfowsd.com, under Education. 

    Tjulander warns that tougher restrictions could still be imposed if the drought continues for an extended period. “We’re asking everyone to do their part, especially throughout the summer months.”

    About Triunfo Water & Sanitation District
    Triunfo Water & Sanitation District provides sewage collection services and wastewater treatment, supplies potable water, and treats and sells recycled water in the southeastern portion of Ventura County, including the communities of Oak Park, Lake Sherwood, Bell Canyon, and the Westlake Village and North Ranch portions of Thousand Oaks. The district covers approximately 50 square miles and serves a population of about 33,000. Visit www.triunfowsd.com.
    Mark Norris, General Manager
    marknorris@vrsd.com, (818) 889-8996