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    You just joined the Chamber - or are thinking about it - and you know that there are volumes of discounts, programs and tools that have just opened up to you.  Where do you find them, which ones should you start using first, and who should you see and talk with about what interests you?  Take a quick guide through the Chamber's programs to help kickstart your membership.  Still have questions?  Call the Chamber and let us know what you want out of your membership and we will do what we can to find a way to accommodate you. 

    New Member's Guide



    Member Page Set-up:


    Watch a video tutorial

    How to set up your page and optimize it for Google.com

    Your member page is one of the most valuable marketing tools that comes with your membership.  Utilizing as much of this little gem as possible helps customers find you and separate you from the crowd when on the Chamber’s website, and helps Google.com find you when customers are searching for your kind of company.  When the Chamber’s search engine or when Google.com is looking for something, they “crawl” across websites looking for pages with the words that customers are keying in.  Keep this in mind as you choose how to describe your business, which photos and video to include, and where you want to link your highlights.  Steps annotated with a “*” are available to Enhanced Web Listings only.  The following steps will get you started:

    1. Log-In:  If you need help recalling your login or passcode, please contact the Chamber at 805.370.0035, or email chamber@conejochamber.org.

    2. Enter Profile:  From your dashboard (or “home page”) click “Profile” and “Update Profile.”

    3. Click into Website Info:  You’ll notice that you only have the option to view Organization Info.  This is because of the very sensitive ways both accounting and our directory listing (for Conejo View) are accessed.  If any of that information needs updating, please call or email Chamber Staff.

    4. Enter Social Networks*:  Copy the URL (or web address) of your Facebook page (highlight the address, right-click, and select “Copy”), and paste it into the box on your member page for Facebook (right-click and select “Paste”).  Ensure the box next to the word “Facebook” is selected.  Do the same for your Twitter page.  Don’t write off your social networks!!!  The times, they are a-changing.  And to compete in this arena, every business MUST have a Facebook, and should have a Twitter account.  They are two free tools, and are among the best marketing tools you have at your disposal.  Additionally, this is one of those things that helps Google.com direct customers to your page!

    5. Web Description:  If you have an Enhanced Web Listing, you have 1600 characters (about 360 words) to pull your customers in.  If you have a Basic Web Listing, you have 200 characters (about 45).  With either, remember that Google.com is “crawling” across the Chamber’s site, looking for key words and phrases that people are typing into their search engine.

    6. Results Summary*:  This 200-character description is what customers will see when they are browsing through your category of businesses.  Use this to tease them, interest them, and make them want to click into your page to read and see more.  And again, this is another place to ring Google’s bells!

    7. Hours of Operation*:  Let your customers know when they can contact you or come see you!

    8. Driving Directions*:  Maps can be hard to read.  Take away your customers’ excuses not to come visit you!  Let them know how to get to you from the nearest freeway off-ramp.

    9. Additional Bulleted Description*:  This will appear as a “Highlights” tab on your Member Page.  You can add up to 5 of these highlights of your business, and enter the web address of a page you would like the customer to visit when they click on the words.  For each “Bullet Text,” you’ll be able to add a new URL in the box to the right.  The web addresses linked here should all be going to different pages on your own website.  Every link is one more way for a customer on your member page to get to your site. 

    10. Keywords:  Enter 20 keywords (for Enhanced) or 8 keywords (for Basic) to help customers find you in a search.  A couple of things to keep in mind:

      • Your name (and every word in your name), your category, and your QuickLink (your category’s category) are already keywords.  No need to put them in this section.

      • Google doesn’t care about these keywords.  However, some search engines, such as MSN, Bing, Yahoo, and Ask.com do.

      • If you are stumped, find out which search words are bringing your competitors up on the search.

    11. Save Changes:  Make sure you didn’t do all that work for nothing.

    12. Click “Photos & Logos”*:  Time to add some pizazz!

    13. Member Page Header*:  This is a wide and short picture that you can generally find at the top of your own website’s homepage.  Not required, but it adds a level of professionalism, and is very eye-pleasing.  For help on this, or to contact someone that can make one for you, ask one of our web designers.

    14. Add a Logo*:  Brand yourself!  This logo goes inside the Member Page and helps customers identify you.  It is also automatically a link to your website.

    15. Add a Search Logo*:  This image helps to catch your customer’s eye when looking through the category of you and your competitors.  Again, it is automatically a link to your website.

    16. Gallery*:  Add as many pictures as you would like!  There is no limit.  Before the picture is uploaded, give it a name that Google may see as relevant.

    17. YouTube Video*:  Google loves videos.  If you have a video on YouTube (it’s free!), you can copy the URL that YouTube provides right into your profile, and that video will play right in your Member Page.

    18. Save Your Work:  And you’re done!  Now check your listing on the Chamber’s site to see how pretty it looks.  This could take up to 15 minutes to update.



    Uploading a News Release


    This free benefit helps bring additional attention to your business and makes consumers aware
    of your cause and expertise. News Releases are visible on the home page and visitor center of
    the Chamber’s website. These news releases are posted on the Chamber’s home page for a
    reason: we want the public to frequent our news section! To ensure this and to maintain the
    integrity of the Chamber’s website and reputation, there are a few rules to follow when deciding
    to post a news release on the Chamber’s site:

    1) News Releases must be in the form of a press release
    2) News Releases must be actual newsworthy information, not a text advertisement (see
    “Specials & Packages” for free advertisements).
    3) News Releases must highlight only active Chamber members. “Shout-outs” to nonmembers
    will not be approved.
    4) News Releases that do not highlight a member but rather inform about a particular topic
    (and of course highlights expertise of the member author) are highly encouraged!
    It is recommended that members approach this feature as they would approach social
    media. Avoid bombarding it with advertisements or talking about how great your product is.
    Instead, write something that will better the lives of your consumers and they will remember
    who wrote it.

    A quick how-to…

    1. Login to your profile at http://chamber.conejochamber.org/login/. For your login and
    passcode, call the Chamber at 805.370.0035 or email Heather at

    2. Once logged in, click “News Releases” on the left-hand side.

    3. Click 'Add News Release.'

    5. Enter a relevant title. Make it something you would want to click into.

    6. Enter your news release in the 'Body' section.

    7. Enter your contact information. Let people know who to follow-up with if they'd like.

    8. Enter a publish start and end date.

    9. Select the categories the story is classified within.

    10. Click 'Save & Submit'



    Upload a Special Offer

    Special Offers and Packages bring extra attention to your directory listing, boost your SEO, and
    tip the scale in your favor when consumers are determining whether to do business with you or
    your competitor. Not only is this service FREE, the page for specials and packages is highly
    promoted on the Chamber’s Home Page and Visitor Page. Additionally, visitors can link to
    Special Offers & Packages from any page on the website. As it is a potentially great way to
    promote our members for free, we want consumers to frequent this page. To accomplish this
    we ensure that consumers always know that when they visit the Chamber’s Specials &
    Packages, they are going to find REAL values. All promotions submitted must be of great value
    (as a rule of thumb, a minimum of 20% off is a good place to start, although each deal is subject
    to staff review and approval). If you have something great to offer and want to spread the word, then spread the word for free with the Chamber’s Special Offers & Packages page!
    A quick how-to…

            1. Login to your profile at http://chamber.conejochamber.org/login/. For your login and
                passcode, call the Chamber at 805.370.0035 or email Heather at

            2. Once logged in, click “Hot Deals” on the left-hand side.

            3. Click 'Add Special Offer' button.

            4. Enter a relevant title and a catchy tagline for your offer. This will draw visitors in and will
                appear on your directory listing when visitors are perusing companies in your category.

            5. Enter a description of your offer. Use the first paragraph or two (the most important) in
                the “Short Description.” Enter the promotion start and end date.

            6. Add an image (usually this is a logo). The program will automatically resize the photo
                when it is uploaded.

            7. Enter your contact information. Let people tell you when they want to take advantage of
                your offer!

            8. Enter a publish start and end date. This is different than the promotion start and end
                date as you can publish it and make it visible prior to the beginning of the promotion.


  • Add Membership Seal to Your Website


    A Chamber Membership Seal is a 'trust seal' for your website.  Many potential customers come to your site and don't know who you are.  Since people do business with people they like, know and trust, adding this logo helps tell your story to your customers.  It tells them you are a responsible member of the community.  It tells them you do your part to help the local economy and that you are well-connected with other members the business community who do the same.  It tells them that you are a respectable and legitimate business.  It tells them that you hold yourself to the same high standards that the rest of the Chamber does. 

    Give your customers peace of mind when deciding whether or not to do business with you by placing your Membership Seal on your website.  It is a free benefit with your membership, so use it!  Want an expert's point of view?  See what Sprocket Websites says about Chamber seals

    Here's how use your Membership Seal:


    1.      Login to your account.

    2.      On the top navigation, click “Settings.”

    3.      On the left navigation, click “Company.”

    4.      A drop-down menu will appear.  Click “Membership Badge.”

    5.      Click the “Generate” button. 

    6.      Copy the line of code given, and place in the desired spot on your website (or give it to your webmaster and tell them where you want it). 


    Upload a Job Posting

    The Conejo Valley is among the best regions in the United States to find high-quality and well-educated employees, the most precious commodity and the biggest determiner of a business’s success.  These potential employees rely on their local Chamber of Commerce to help them find the best match for their skills and experience, so make sure your businesses is competing in this first-rate employee market.  Members can post job openings on the Chamber’s site for free whether you have a single spot to fill or you want to drive future employees to your own careers page.  An enticing job posting is the best way to convince your next best employee to send in that résumé.  Here is a quick guide on how to post your available positions:


    1. Login to your profile at http://chamber.conejochamber.org/login/. For your login and passcode, call the Chamber at 805.370.0035 or email Heather at hmacaulay@conejochamber.org
    2. Once logged in, click “Job Postings” on the left-hand side.
    3. Click 'Add Job Postings.'
    4. Enter the title, description and job category.  If it is for an individual job opening, it is recommended to add a salary range. 
    5. Enter the contact information.  Your account will auto-fill this section with the primary representative for the Chamber, so ensure it is the correct contact.
    6. Check the website link.  If the posting is meant to drive potential employees to your careers page, add the link here. 
    7. Add a logo – it demonstrates professionalism.
    8. Click the dates you would like the posting to run (each one is a one-week period).  If the job posting is a general post to drive traffic to your careers page, click enough weeks to cover an approximate one-year period. 
    9. Click “Submit for Approval.”


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