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    2022 California Employment Law Poster- Paper (English/Spanish)

    Picture of 2022 California Employment Law Poster- Paper (English/Spanish)
    Required poster for businesses with at least 1 employee. Comes in English and Spanish. Click to view product variants and prices. Laminated Posters are no longer available

    Compliance Alerts: CalChamber's 2022 all-in-one poster includes mandatory updates effective January 1, 2022 to the California Minimum Wage notice, the EDD’s Notice to Employees (12/30/21), the Family Care and Medical Leave and Pregnancy Disability Leave notice, and to the Your Rights and Obligations as a Pregnant Employee notice.

    Avoid non-compliance and steep penalties by informing employees of their current rights in the workplace.


    CalChamber's convenient 28" x 46" all-in-one poster contains the 18 state and federal employment notices every California employer must post—even if you only employ one person in California.

    Be sure to display a poster in each business location and job site where employees can easily see it and read it. You'll need both English and Spanish poster versions if you have Spanish-speaking employees.

    Picture of CA Labor Law Paper Poster (English)
    CA Labor Law Paper Poster (English)
    Picture of CA Labor Law Poster - (Spanish)
    CA Labor Law Poster - (Spanish)